Hotel Consultant Services


Hotel Consultant Services

 If your business is not achieving the standards or profitability which you think it should be, then the business could benefit from a health check by one of our consultants. The health check can investigate one or more of the areas listed below:

  • Hotel Operations
  • Hotel Website Design & Search Engine Optimisation
  • Revenue Management
  • Internet Distribution Systems (IDS)
  • Purchasing and control systems
  • IT integration

Hotel Operations

Allowing a fresh pair of eyes to review your operation, the management team and work practices can highlight areas in which improvements could be made resulting in better sales and profits.

We offer comprehensive management reviews where we will spend time in your business, speaking to your staff, customers, booking agents and third parties to ascertain their opinions of your hotel, review the levels of profitability and the effectiveness of the management team. Think of it as an MOT for your hotel.

This process can happen very quickly over a matter of a few days and will provide you with a detailed report covering all agreed areas which will be useful when you develop your future business strategy. We will also be able to provide assistance and advice in the implementation of any accepted recommendations.

Complete Hotels Services are able to provide short term general management cover and can assist in the recruitment process of any senior staff.

Hotel Website Design and Optimisation

Experience has shown us how important a well designed, fully optimised and functional website is to any hotel. We will work with your web designers, or can recommend ones we have worked with, to ensure that not only is it well designed but that the website is optimised to market your business and produce sales. Our experience is that a good website designer working with a hotel sales & marketing expert produces a far better overall website and one from which returns are far greater.

Revenue Management

Revenue Management is a critical part of any hotel operation to ensure that you are maximizing your revenue at all times. We have experience of working with a number of revenue management systems which can interface with most property management systems and we can provide advice and even project manage the implementation of a revenue system.

Revenue Management Training can either be provided by us or one of our associates who specialise in Revenue management.

Internet Distribution Systems (IDS)

We can review your current internet and IDS distribution strategy and highlight areas which could increase revenue or if you don’t have a current strategy then we can develop, agree and implement one for you. This will include things such as rate segmentation, selling via your website, IDS marketing campaigns, review with your IDS provider etc.

Your own website should be your most effective and lowest cost distribution tool you have. We will analyse your current website, it’s positioning and effectiveness & work to increase your bookings through your own website. If you don´t have a web booking engine WBE then we can recommend some or if your PMS supplier has a WBE we can project manage the integration.

We will also review your relationship with any OTA’s such as or and offer practical and effective solutions to streamline your bookings and reduce commission costs.

Purchasing and control systems

Are you receiving the best possible value for every pound you spend?

We are very experienced at buying the numerous consumables, perishables, utilities and larger items used in a hotel operations and can conduct a full cost analysis and if required will even negotiate and if acceptable to yourself set up new purchasing agreements with industry suppliers. Alternatively, we can work on a one off project to reduce costs and waste in one or more areas such as food or utilities.

IT Integration

Modern hotels have a number of different requirements for IT systems and in most cases these systems need to be able to communicate with each other. We have many years of experience in fitting the following types of systems:

  • Property Management Systems (PMS)
  • Revenue Management Systems
  • Wireless and hard wired Internet Networks
  • Leisure Club Membership Systems
  • Websites and Web Booking Engines
  • Telephone systems

We can provide you with advice on which systems best suit your operation, future proofing your systems and a project management service for installations.